Furniture Wonderful was founded on entrepreneurial fundamentals and that means doing things "by the market" not "by the book". We’re a performance-driven company. And that performance is driven by our people. Are you ready to drive us even further? 

We’re a company that’s sharply aware our world is primarily driven by technology and every day is different and we’re proud to make it a culture that always challenges your skills. We never stand in the way of progress. We make it happen and enable our people to make it happen. And we’ve long realized that how we treat our employees impacts on their well-being and performance. We foster an environment that’s designed to be fair, open and rewarding. 

Be part of a company that focuses on excellence. We surround ourselves with people who see things differently - innovation is never far away. And we keep finding new ways to evolve within a constantly changing marketplace so we stay ahead of trends. As we grow, so will you. 

Most positions that become available at Furniture Wonderful are 'advanced' entry level positions and people earn their way up from there. We promote new positions from within our company whenever possible to emphasize our commitment to loyal and top performing team members. 

Now Hiring For the Following Positions:

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We will also contact you when positions become available. Please email your resume and a detailed cover letter to info